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We are in the midst of a global transformation of the energy landscape. REDi provides next-level solutions for more stable and sustainable power generation, the two key pillars of renewable energy.


The possibilities are endless for various data-driven services to emerge from the industrial application of AI and blockchain. REDi has already commenced the development of its innovative services such as peer-to-peer power trading and AI-simulated feasibility analysis.


With our unique service-offerings, we pursue the boundless expansion of our REDi ecosystem and stable token economy. Through the collaboration of energy and data experts, we aim to drive the digital transformation of renewable energy.


We have formed a strategic alliance of market leaders
in renewable energy, backed by specialists in blockchain.


We are industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs
with a diverse experience and expertise in energy and data management

DY Lee
DY Lee

Co-founder of SEI Corp. Former co-founder/CEO of Funded. Serial entrepreneur with expertise in renewable energy, fintech, and asset management. UC Berkeley, Environmental Economics.

Chanyoung Kwon
Chanyoung Kwon

Former senior engineer at SAP, software developer at NAVER. 10+ years experience in software architecture and AI. Seoul National University, B.A.

Rick Yoon
Rick Yoon

Former research engineer at Hyundai Motor Company. 7+ years experience in IT system analysis and optimization. Seoul National University, M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Nathan Chang
Nathan Chang

Founder and CEO of Phyron Global Solutions. Former project-lead at SK E&C. Renewable energy specialist with 8+ years field experience. University of Southern California, International Business.


Louis Jinhwa Kim
Louis Jinhwa Kim
Co-founder & Director, Korea Blockchain Association

・ Co-founder, Korbit
・ Director, Tide Institute
・ Author of World's 1st Bitcoin Book,
'Next Money Bitcoin (2013)'

Joe Kim
Joe Kim
Managing Director of XnTree at L39

・ Former Director at IBM UK
・ Former Managing Director & CTO at Tmaxsoft
・ Former CEO at Datawave System

Minpyo Hong
Minpyo Hong
Founder, SEWORKS

(acquired by Infraware)
・ Advised governments on digital security issues for 20+ years
・ Five-time consecutive finalist at DEFCON CTF

Sang-seop Lee
Sangseop Lee
Head of Specialists, Korea Blockchain Association

・ Head of SI Division, GABIA Inc.
・ Director, NHNgodo
・ Yonsei Univ., BS Sociology

Jonghun Sung
Jonghun Sung
Founder, DXP LLC

・ Certified Public Accountants,
PwC Korea
・ Engineer, CYWORLD
・ KAIST, Industrial engineering

Junghan Yoo
Junghan Yoo

・ Member, Korea Administrative Law and Practice Association
・ Member, Korean Securities
Law Association
・ New York University School of Law LL.M.
・ Seoul National Univ., LL.B.

Jaeho Choi
Jaeho Choi
CEO, Cyclogic

Member of Korea Institute of Construction Technology, specializing in building energy management system. Former lead researcher at Samsung Electronics. Seoul National University, Ph.D.

Peter Jung
Peter Jung
Director at Tide Korea

Director of marketing and business development at Tide Co., Ltd., specializing in advanced metering infrastructure. Hannam University, Information and Communication Engineering.


· Total Supply : 9 Billion Tokens
· Token Sale : 2 Billion Tokens
· Hard Cap : 4,000,000 USD
· Soft Cap : 2,000,000 USD

Token Allocation

22.3% : Token Sale

22.2% : Business Dvp. Alliance

22.2% : Reserve

16.7% : Team

3.3% : Advisors

11.1% : REDi Pool

2.2% : Marketing

Funding Allocation

35% : Business, Ecosystem Dvp.

35% : R&D

15% : Operations

10% : Marketing

5% : Strategic Alliance


2018 4Q

Launch REDi Wallet
  • Official release following
    token distribution event

2019 1~2Q

Patent pending
  • Regarding blockchain-based remote metering system (registration no. 10-2019-0004120)
REDi monitoring system
  • Application layer (‘19. 1Q)
  • Hardware layer (‘19. 2Q)

2019 3~4Q

REDi Infranet - Public Test
  • API Development for Smart Meter
  • Data digitization module development (‘19. 4Q)
  • Testbed setup for REDi infranet

2020 1Q

REDi Infranet Launch
  • Acquisition of Global Energy Data

2020 4Q

2nd Renewable Energy Project Announcement